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Speech Mike Premium LFH3530

Speech Mike Premium LFH3530 Ampliar

Speech Mike Premium LFH3530

  • Marca: Philips
  • Código: 9LFH3530
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Speech Mike Premium LFH3530


Free floating, decoupled microphone for

precise recording
The microphone in the SpeechMike Premium is decoupled

from its housing for the most incredible crystal clear

recording performance ever to be delivered by a desktop

dictation device. The completely redesigned microphone

suspension guarantees that almost no background noises,

touch or click noises, air and structure borne noises are

recorded. This technique is derived from studio

microphones to make sure there are no sound distortions

whatsoever – and guarantee outstanding speech

recognition results.
Microphone grille with optimized structure for
crystal clear sound
A well-engineered microphone grille makes the high-end
microphone as in the SpeechMike Premium stand out even more.
The hexagonal holes used for the metal grille feature three times
more open surface than its predecessor, engineered to provide
crystal clear recordings.
3500 1
Integrated pop filter for perfect quality
The microphone area of the SpeechMike Premium is made
of many different layers to make it sound as clear and
original as possible. One of those is a fleece inserted above
and below the microphone capsule. The fleece filters out
sound distortions such as pop and hiss noises, guaranteeing
perfect results even if dictating closely into the microphone.
Large speaker area for premium playback
Compared to its predecessor, the SpeechMike Premium is equipped
with a double sized-speaker area that enables it to play back
recordings in clear and crisp quality.
Optimized control panel for comfortable
Designed with three ergonomic zones, the SpeechMike
Premium has been tested and proven by users to have the
most comfortable fit in the human hand. The dictation zone
is optimized to keep thumb movement to a minimum. The
buttons needed for the actual dictation functions are placed
in the central area of the device guaranteeing perfect
ergonomics and non-fatiguing usage for the user. Less
frequently needed function buttons are clearly arranged
above and below. All buttons used are formed to give as
much tactile feedback as possible.
Ergonomically shaped for perfect fit in the
As the back of a dictation microphone is as important as the front,
Philips put an emphasis on shaping it in a way so that it perfectly
fits the hand and reduces unintentional use of buttons. The trigger
and the “command” button on the back of the microphone are
engineered to be exactly where they need to be. There has never
been a desktop dictation device that is as ergonomic as the
SpeechMike Premium.
Integrated motion sensor mutes
microphone when not in use
Being on the cutting edge of technology, the Philips
SpeechMike Premium comes with an integrated motion
sensor, making it the first stationary dictation device that
can be controlled by the movement of your hand. It detects
when it’s put on the table, this mutes the device, and once
it is picked up again it unmutes the microphone. There are
plenty of situations where this feature can be greatly
beneficial; just think of an incoming phone call or someone
stepping in your office. In addition to that, custom events
can be programmed, e.g., to pause and to continue the
Freely configurable function key for a
personalized workflow
The Philips SpeechMike Premium is the most advanced dictation
microphone to date – and to give the user even more room to
personalize their devices, Philips has added an instruction key at
the top of the control panel – of course fully and freely user
configurable, especially useful for programming speech recognition
Polished surface for reducing unwanted
touch noises
The housing of the SpeechMike Premium is made of highclass
polymers. It is endued with a polished surface and the
material includes a pearl metal additive providing a high
quality metallic effect and making it non-sensitive to touch
noises and fingerprints.
Barcode scanner for streamlined
Link client or patient data to a recorded file simply by scanning a
bar code (SpeechMike Premium barcode devices only). The scanned
information is automatically attached to the dictation file,
streamlining the documentation process. All identifying information
is entered accurately, increasing security and potential for cost
savings. With the SpeechMike Premium, it’s possible to scan
barcodes from up to 60 cm / 23 inches distance, twice the distance
compared to its predecessor.
Antimicrobial housing and buttons for
hygienic working
The SpeechMike Premium’s housing and buttons are made
of antimicrobial synthetics, guarding it against all kinds of
germs. Antimicrobial materials work against a wide range of
different microorganisms such as bacteria (e.g.,
pneumococcal bacilli and multiresistant microorganisms
such as MRSA), viruses (e.g., HIV, influenza, etc.), fungi
(e.g., Aspergillus niger), or algae. The antimicrobial effect
on the SpeechMike Premium lasts for at least five years.
3500 10
Laser-scanned, self-cleaning trackball for
extra smooth operation
The SpeechMike Premium includes a built-in high-precision stainless
steel trackball. Self lubricated and abrasive resistant Teflon
bearings guarantee a smooth operation over the entire lifetime. In
combination with a laser scanner and self-cleaning features, the
trackball is as precise and durable as never before. On top of that,
the trackball can even be taken out of the device for cleaning, if this
should ever be required.

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Speech Mike Premium LFH3530


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Speech Mike Premium LFH3530

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