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Conversor BGA-Top-218 ZIF

Conversor BGA-Top-218 ZIF Ampliar

Conversor BGA-Top-218 ZIF

  • Marca: ELNEC
  • Código: 9CE701148
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Conversor BGA-Top-218 ZIF

* Placa superior do adaptadores BGA.
* O soquete ZIF aceita diversas variações de encapsulamento BGA, que se diferem no diametro da bola, em sua altura, e na espessura do seu corpo.
* Suporta 10.000 inserções.

Ref: 70-1148

Adapter manual
  • For work with BGA device it is necessary put together BGA-Top-218 ZIF with some BGA-Bottom-x board according to the information provided by PG4UW software.
  • The top cover must be fully actuated (depressed) before inserting a package into the socket. If the chip is inserted into only partially opened ZIF socket, then - after releasing of top - the tweezer contact might bend and if more times done by this way also tweezer contact can be broken.
  • Once fully actuated, drop the package into the socket from a height of 2 to 3mm above the seating plane.
  • Do not push package while loading or releasing the lid.
  • Do not directly touch the pins of the adapter, because dirt may cause errors during programming of device.
  • The picture show, how to put together the BGA-Top-x ZIF-CS and BGA-Bottom-x boards to have complete BGA adapter

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Conversor BGA-Top-218 ZIF


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Conversor BGA-Top-218 ZIF

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