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BGA-Top-380 ZIF-CS

BGA-Top-380 ZIF-CS Ampliar

BGA-Top-380 ZIF-CS

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BGA-Top-380 ZIF-CS

Adapter manual
  • Protect the contacts of adapters's connectors and ZIF socket from contamination. Any dirt and/or fat on contacts may cause errors during programming.
  • Usage of vacuum pick-up tool is expected for device handling.
  • Proceed with care! Incorrect insertion of adapter in programmer's ZIF socket or device in adapter's ZIF socket may lead to programmed device damage.

  • For work with BGA device it is necessary put together BGA-Top-X with some BGA-Bottom-X board according to the information provided by PG4UW software.
  • The picture shows, how to put together the BGA-Top-X and BGA-Bottom-X board to have complete BGA adapter.

  • Insert complete adapter into programmer's ZIF socket. If you are in doubts about orientation of the adapter in programmer's ZIF socket, there is a rule of thumb - orientation of adapter's name text is the same as orientation of the text on the top of programmer.
  • Visually check the placement of adapter in programmer's ZIF socket.
  • Release the pawl on adapter's ZIF socket to open it. The socket cap will open by spring force. Insert the device into adapter's ZIF socket. For correct device orientation, follow the instructions shown on picture in PG4UW software Device info window for device being programmed.
  • Visually check the placement of programmed device in adapter's ZIF socket. If it looks OK, close adapter's ZIF socket cap by hand and secure the pawl.
  • To take out the device from adapter, release the pawl on adapter's ZIF socket and remove the device.
  • When you finish the work with adapter, remove it from programmer's ZIF socket.

  • Operating conditions: temperature 5°C ÷ 40°C (41°F ÷ 104°F), humidity 20% ÷ 80% non-condensing.

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BGA-Top-380 ZIF-CS


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BGA-Top-380 ZIF-CS

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